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Welcome to SiteRx - a dedicated physician network enabling clinical research as a care option for patients with neurological disease.

You are a busy physician focused on your patients' care. For patients with incurable diseases like Alzheimer's and MS, patients and caregivers often ask about clinical research. However, trying to educate patients on this topic or becoming a principal investigator can be onerous and time consuming.

SiteRx enables clinical research as a care option by automating the patient matching and referral process associated with clinical trials -  without becoming a principal investigator or hiring staff.

You are here today because someone in your personal network is passionate enough about our mission of greater transparency and inclusion around clinical trials that they personally referred you! Take the next step and schedule a 30 minute program demo with one of our Clinical Research Advocates.

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help your neurogenerative patients

Help your patients

Incurable and degenerative diseases are scary and frustrating for patients. Alternative options can provide help and hope.

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Multiple studies and sites

Top sponsor organizations with programs for a variety of disease conditions and locations that serve you and your patients.

Ancillary income

Ancillary Income

Patients that are enrolled and accepted into studies qualify you and your practice for ancillary income.

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