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Have you seen the SiteRx logo on your doctor's website? 

This means they offer clinical trials as an additional care option, Supported by SiteRx.

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What is a Clinical Trial?

A type of research study that evaluates the potential benefits and risks of new medications or interventions for treating disease.

What are the Potential Benefits of a Clinical Trial?

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Access potential treatments before they are publicly available.

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Your participation may help advance medicine for a specific disease or condition.

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During the clinical trial, you will receive medical oversight and testing in addition to the care you receive from your doctor.

“I want to thank SiteRx for providing me with this opportunity and staying with me during this process. Thank you for staying in touch with me when others didn’t. I really appreciate this. I want to thank my doctor as well for sending me over to you all.”

- SiteRx Patient


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I Haven't Spoken to my Doctor about Clinical Trials

No problem! The good news is your doctor is already working with SiteRx and can help you access a study where you are qualified. If you're interested to see if there are study options for you, please have a conversation with your doctor and let them know you're interested in exploring clinical trials as an additional care option. 

 1. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data.